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The Model E RowErg offers presence and durability with its 20 inch frame height, nickel-plated chain, and double powder coat with glossy finish. From a practical standpoint, the higher frame means easier on-and-off for those with tired knees or mobility considerations. The nickel-plated chain (also featured on the Model D and Dynamic) requires less-frequent oiling. The finish protects against scratches. 

Aesthetically, the Model E is the luxury machine of the indoor rower world. Solid and sleek in light gray or black, the Model E will hold its own in a fitness center, your home gym, or the living area of your midtown loft. Best of all, it does all of this while providing the unparalleled full-body workout of our other indoor rowers. 

If you’re familiar with our equipment, the Model E is everything you’ve come to expect in a Concept2 Indoor Rower and more. If you’re trying us for the first time, the Model E will satisfy even the most discriminating buyers.

Overall Length 96 in (244 cm) Width 24 in (61 cm) Seat Height 20 in (51 cm)

Monorail Length
54 in (137 cm)
Users with an inseam of 38 inches (96.5 cm) or more may require an extra-long monorail. Contact Concept2 for more information.

Chain or Cord Nickel-plated steel chain
Chain/Cord Housing Fully enclosed
Monitor: PM4

Power Requirement Takes two D cell batteries. During your workout, the monitor draws power from the spinning flywheel to extend battery life.
Maximum User Weight
500 lb (227 kg) as tested by Concept2.*
*300 lb (135 kg) as tested per European Stationary Fitness Equipment Testing Standard EN 20957-7.

Welded steel

Monitor Arm Fixed monitor arm made of aluminum. Monitor angle can be adjusted.
Double powder coat with glossy finish

Can be separated into two parts for easy storage

Space Recommendations
Assembled: 8 ft x 2 ft (244 cm x 61 cm)
With Clearance for Use: 9 ft x 4 ft (274 cm x 122 cm)
For Storage: 27 in x 47 in x 54 in (68.6 cm x 119.4 cm x 137.2 cm)

Machine Weight
65 lb (29 kg)

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 The Cybex 750C was designed to be durable, versatile, and for people of all skill levels. For those who never rode a bike before and those who are preparing for the Olympics, the wide range of resistance of the CYBEX 750 makes it the perfect piece of equipment to train on. The extra wide double sided pedal design accommodates any size foot, while its wide range of resistance (from 20 to 900 watts) can create a challenging or modest exercise experience.


Pedal Design: Extra wide double sided pedal design accommodates any size foot. Get the extra comfort with easy to adjust pull strap buckles.
Resistance Range: The 750C's wide range of resistance (from 20 to 900 watts) can create a challenging or modest exercise experience.
Handlebars: Sit in a more upright position with multi-position handlebars or be more comfortable in a more aero position with dual contact HR grips conveniently located for either position.
Seat Engineering: A CYBEX proprietary seat was designed by cyclists to provide comfort for the long ride. You need 3 things: as much surface area as possible for support in the proper areas - while allowing full range of leg motion - while being kind to between the legs.
Front wheels: The 750 cycles have wheels on the front for easy rolling so they can be moved around.
Dimensions: 48” L × 23” W × 61” H
Machine weight: 141 lbs
Max user weight: 400 lbs

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The Cybex 750R Recumbent Bike features 3 operating modes and 9 programs with 21 levels, the duel level amber display is easy to use. In bike mode, select Quick Start or Manual. In the constant power mode, you can choose between 9 workout programs, including control of heart rate. In isokinetic mode the Cybex 750R Recumbent Bike lets you select between isokinetic, YMCA Fitness Testing and 9 custom applications. The Cybex 750R Recumbent Bike offers three styles of resistance ranging from 20 to 900 watts. From the best athletes to beginners, no other bike on the market works as a total cycle for any level of user.


  • Height: 49.5 in Length: 63.5 in Width: 25 in
  • Programs: Bike Mode: Quick Start, Manual/ Constant Power: 9 programs (21 levels and Heart Rate Control/Advanced Function (Manual Isokintic Mode, Manual Constant Power Mode, YMCA Fitness Test and 9 Custom Programs)
  • Display: Distance, Calories, Calories per hour, METs, Watts, rpm, Heart Rate with multi-color range indicator, Lower/ Time, Speed, Level
  • Graphic display of profile via 10 × 15 LED. Upper display may scan or select between distance, calories,
  • Lower display shows time, speed and level
  • Resistance range: 20 to 900 watts
  • Resistance type: Hybrid eddy current brake with brushless internal generator
  • Power: Self-powered, optional AC adapter for full-time display
  • Seat back is designed with holes for optimized ventilation
  • Multi-positioned handlebars
  • Heart rate monitoring: Contact and wireless capability (not included)
  • Languages: 7
  • Max User Weight: 400 lbs
  • Product Weight: 178 lbs

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  • Intuitive Console Technology: Help users achieve their goals with the simple and intuitive Achieve Console. It’s easy to use for exercisers who want to get on and go, and includes the six most commonly used Life Fitness workouts.
  • Comfort Curve Plus™ Seat: Newly designed seat provides maximum comfort. Ratchet seat adjustment makes it easy for users to adjust the seat height, even while in a seated position.
  • At-Your-Fingertips Resistance Controls: Allows users to easily adjust workout intensity.
  • Seat Positioning: Precisely angled seat post allows users from 4′ 9″ to 6′ 5″ tall to adjust the seat height for correct Knee Over Pedal Spindle (KOPS) position to ensure proper lower-body mechanics, which reduces pressure on knees and enhances rider comfort.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Lifepulse™ digital heart rate monitoring hand sensors are conveniently placed on the handlebars, in both the upright and racing positions, to provide precise heart rate monitoring, and Polar® telemetry provides accurate, “hands-free” heart rate monitoring.
  • Motivating Workout Variety: Zone Training+™ workouts automatically adjust the resistance level to keep users in their target heart rate zone.
  • Self-Powered: Cordless, so you can place your bikes anywhere you want.
  • Dimensions: 43.5" X 21" X 59.5"
  • Weight: 176lbs
  • Drive Type: Belt/Alternator
  • User Capacity: 400 lbs

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Product Specifications: 

  • Dimensions: 54" X 24" X 53"   
  • Weight: 127lbs   
  • Drive Type: Belt/Generator    
  • User Capacity: Undisclosed                         
  • Resistance Level: 25          
  • Start Up Speed: 20 RPM 
  • Seat Adjustment Range: 21" - 35"               
  • Heart Rate: Hand Contact and Wireless Polar Compatible
  • Display Type: Soft Touch LED Display       
  • Programs: 15 Workouts

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The SCIFIT PRO1000’s fixed arm cranks, accessibility and low starting resistance make it easy to get on and get going.

  • Get-on-and-go with limited adjustments
  • Step-through accessibility
  • Bi-directional exercise
  • Iso-Strength safe, accommodating strength program
  • Very low starting resistance
  • Upper body exercise – Helps strengthen arms and shoulders; recruits core stabilizing muscles
  • Bi-directional movement and resistance – Pedaling in forward and reverse provides versatility, helps prolong exercise and promotes
    reciprocal muscle balance
  • Low starting resistance – 6 watts
  • Resistance range – 191 levels of resistance – 20 levels adjustable in .1 increments
  • Resistance system – 3 phase combination generator & eddy current brake – largest watt range in the industry
  • Foot rests – Foot rests included for comfort and multiple foot placement options
  • Easy to transport – Integrated transport wheels
  • Heart rate monitoring – Telemetric (chest strap required)

Accessibility & Adjustability

  • Get-on-and-go – Limited adjustments for easy set up
  • Step-through seating – Adjustable step-through allows easy entry and safe and easy access for all users
  • Direct wheelchair access – Seat slides off for direct wheelchair access – ADA compliant
  • Standard seat – Forward and back adjustibility
  • 360˚ Therapist Assist Pedals – Adjust the seat forward and back from any point around the machine
  • Seat removal handle – Integrated handle on seat back makes it easy to remove the seat
  • Zero-sloping forward/back seat adjustment – Adjust forward and back on level monorail for optimum control and safe positioning

Technical Specifications

  • Power Requirements – Self-generating
  • Maximum user weight capacity – 500 lbs.
  • Unit weight – 215 lbs
  • Unit size – 60” L x 30” W x 62” H
  • Color – Frame: Charcoal – Cover: Charcoal


Need to get back in shape? It’s like riding a bike.

Exercise bikes: the tried and true way to a better you.

Of all the modern workout machines, this one’s been around the longest--for good reason, too. Riding an exercise bike is a heart-healthy workout that helps you stay fit and lose weight. And it won’t take up a lot of space in your home, or your wallet.

Best of all, a commercial exercise bike can produce many of the results you’d expect from riding outdoors, targeting your heart, lungs, legs and lower muscle groups. All while burning lots of calories.

Exercise bikes are great for people of all fitness levels.

Exercise bikes are versatile. Just about anyone can ride one, from triathletes in training to physical therapy patients. That’s because the difficulty of each workout depends on you. You can take it as easy or as hard as you like. And there are different varieties for different types of riders. Most exercise bikes fall into two categories: recumbent bikes and upright bikes.

Recumbent exercise bikes

Recumbent bikes have bucket-shaped seats that position your body close to the ground in a reclined position with your legs parallel to the ground. Many people find this position more comfortable, which helps them exercise for longer periods of time.

Upright exercise bikes

Upright bikes are more familiar and more common, positing your torso perpendicular to the ground. Just like riding a bike when you were a kid.

The best places for used, commercial-grade exercise bikes in Kansas City.

Midwest Used Fitness Equipment specializes in many top brands of commercial strength exercise bikes. All our bikes are built to last, easy to use and simple to maintain. Whether you are buying an upright, recumbent or spin cycle, we hope it helps you train harder and smarter, and that you discover a new, healthier you.   

Exercise bike brands include:

•    Life Fitness
•    Life Cycle
•    Precor
•    Cybex
•    Landice
•    Quinton
•    Schwinn
•    Nautilus
•    Vision
•    True
•    Star Trac
•    Spirit and much more


Brands Include:

  • Life Fitness
  • Precor
  • Cybex
  • Landice
  • Quinton
  • Schwinn
  • Nautilus
  • Vision
  • True
  • Star Trac
  • Spirit and much more



Brands Include:

  • Life Fitness
  • Precor
  • Cybex
  • Landice
  • Quinton
  • Schwinn
  • Nautilus
  • Vision
  • True
  • Star Trac
  • Spirit and much more




Brands Include:

  • Life Fitness
  • Precor
  • Cybex
  • Landice
  • Quinton
  • Schwinn
  • Nautilus
  • Vision
  • True
  • Star Trac
  • Spirit and much more




Brands Include:

  • Life Fitness
  • Precor
  • Cybex
  • Landice
  • Quinton
  • Schwinn
  • Nautilus
  • Vision
  • True
  • Star Trac
  • Spirit and much more